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AL-Prolite's New Logo

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Author : Tim
Update time : 2020-10-24 04:26:42
We officially replaced the original logo with a new one.
The original Logo
The new logo
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Florist Shows Concert. Florist Shows Concert.
Nov .22.2020
All lighting produts at Florist Shows Concert are provided by AL-prolite. Our 250W beam light, 350W spot, LED par, blinder, LED strobe and 19x15W LED wash made an excellent performance.
Upgraded Version 230W Beam Upgraded Version 230W Beam
Nov .21.2020
Upgraded Version 230W Beam AL-MB230 adopts 8+16+24 prism + rainbow effect + 6 glass gobos.
AL-prolite latest products launch in 2020 AL-prolite latest products launch in 2020
Oct .22.2020
Affected by COVID-19 outbreak,AL-prolite Co., Limited's export business has been reduced by nearly half compared with last year.But  we still launched several product.
AL-prolite's New Website AL-prolite's New Website
Jun .06.2020
As the contract of the old website expired, we signed a new contract with another new company.