AL-IM350 350W Waterproof Beam Moving Head

Item No.: AL-IM350
AL-MB350IP 350W Waterproof Beam Moving Head
Technical Parameters
Light source:  Phillip 17R 350W
Color system: Color plate: 13+1+ colorful rainbow effect + atomization function
Pattern system: pattern plate: 13 fixed pattern +1 white light
Focusing system: electric focusing
Linear dimming curve: 0%-100% linear dimming
Beam angle: 2°
Lens diameter: 145mm
Control mode: DMX 512, self-propelled, master-slave self-propelled
Prism system 24 prism (16+8) superimposed and rotatable, macro function
Display: LCD display adapts to different mounting positions
Horizontal/Vertical: 350 lamps with waterproof lights can be 540° horizontal or 270° vertical scanning, fast and smooth.
The luminaire is equipped with an intelligent photoelectric resetting correction system, which can be accidentally activated and automatically responded original position. In addition, it has a horizontal vertical locking button for easier maintenance and handling.
Installation method: upside down / side hanging

Cooling system
Using CFD software to analyze and calculate the heat flux of the luminaire, design a low-noise cooling system
The fan drive performance is excellent and the noise is extremely low.

Product size: 370x300x680mm
Packing size: 490x41x765cm
Net weight: 23KG
Gross weight: 27KG
Packing with flightcase 1pcs: 41*34*74cm weight: 49KG
Packiing with flighcase 2 in 1: 78*41*75cm weight: 82KG

No weakness, small size, huge energy, large beam
The waterproof beam lamp achieves high standards in the industry in terms of optics, structure and appearance. It adopts the most advanced technology, high-brightness light source, optical technology and rigorous industrial design to ensure the perfect presentation of lighting design.